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Flagman of Russian Nuclear Power Industry with Fast Reactors

In April 1964, the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant (Beloyarsk NPP) inaugurated a new epoch in Russia for large-scale nuclear power industry.


City of Zarechny, Beloyarsk NPP

The Beloyarsk NPP named after I.V. Kurchatov is located 40 km to the east of Yekaterinburg (the City of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk Region) on the shore of the Beloyarsk reservoir, which was made at the Pyshma river as the heat sink for turbine condensers at the electric power station.
First two power units with the AMB-100 and AMB-200 water graphite thermal reactors operated respectively in 1964–1981 and 1967–1989. The power units were shut down as they had reached the end of their operating life.
Unit 3 with the 600 MW(e) BN-600 fast reactor was connected to the power system on April 8, 1980. In 2010, the reactor reached the end of the assigned 30-year design service life. The permanent equipment in the reactor plant retained operating capability that was confirmed by the respective analytical and experimental validation, and replaceable overaged equipment was replaced with the new one. In addition, activities were accomplished to enhance safety of the power unit by connecting to one secondary loop the air system for reactor heat removal immediately to the atmosphere in case of emergencies. All these measures made it possible to obtain a license for extending the power unit operating life to 2020 with a view of further extension.


Beloyarsk NPP, Unit 1, 2 and 3

The Beloyarsk NPP is the only nuclear station in the world, where a power unit with the sodium-cooled fast reactor has been successfully operating for a long time.
JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” supervises operation of Beloyarsk NPP, Unit 3 with the BN-600 reactor plant during the entire lifecycle by solving together with the Beloyarsk NPP and other organizations issues concerning assurance of power unit reliable and safe operation.


Beloyarsk NPP, Unit 4

In addition to the BN-600, a more powerful 880 MW(e) BN-800 power unit was constructed on the site of the Beloyarsk NPP. The design was developed with the maximum use of scientific and technical solutions that were proven in the process of BN-600 operation, and introduced improvements made it possible to significantly increase the safety level and cost effectiveness. JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” ensured delivery of all equipment for the reactor plant, most of which was manufactured at the Company.
On June 27, 2014, the reactor reached first criticality; on December 10, 2015, power startup of the reactor was made, the power unit was connected to the grid and generated first kilowatts of electricity to the Sverdlovenergo power system. The same month, the power unit power was uprated to 35%. In 2016, the power unit reached the design power and switched over to commercial operation. Since that day, BN-800 has been the most powerful fast power reactor operating in the world.
Introduction of a new additional stable power source will be an important factor for economic development of the region, including the City of Zarechny for many years ahead.
In 2016, the basic R&D work on BN-1200 design was completed; the detailed design of the reactor plant was revised. It is planned to construct BN-1200 at Beloyarsk-5. Development of the power unit design is aimed at achievement of technical and economic indicators, which shall ensure a prospect for serial construction of this power unit under conditions of nuclear power development and nuclear fuel cycle closing. In case the shaped plans are implemented, a framework will be created for large-scale construction of similar power units, and the Beloyarsk NPP being at present a unique site for development of sodium-cooled fast reactors will be a some sort of a Mecca for all specialists in this area.


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