By 2021, JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” is Planning to Achieve the Reduction in the Prime Cost of Heat Exchange Equipment

JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” (part of Atomenergomash, ROSATOM’s Mechanical Engineering Division) in the course of the work on the Heat-Exchange Equipment Prime Cost Reduction Project is planning to reduce the said prime cost by 25% by 2021.

The Project is being introduced by Dmitry Shchekin, the Head of the Steam Generator and Heat Exchanger Design Department, jointly with Sergey Dushev, the Chief Designer of Fuel Handling Equipment.

As a basis, the final design of a steam generator was taken. The customer was satisfied with the technical specifications of the equipment; nevertheless, an objective was set to reduce the cost of the equipment by 20%. At the design stage, function-cost analysis tools allowed the designers to identify low-value functions of major units in the equipment — and this is where the ways were looked for to reduce the prime cost of the product. Today, a number of structural changes made to the design allow one to predict that the actual calculated reduction in the prime cost of the product will be nearing 25%.

As of now, the detailed and final designs have been developed; a test model has been designed for the heat exchanger. The test facility design and development work is in progress. Then, an introduction stage will start, that is, procurement of materials and manufacture of products. The end of project work is planned for 2021.

“It is possible that the timeline will be more flexible than in the original schedule. In any case, this heat exchanger will be implemented in metal. At the final stage, we will perform the final analysis to understand what results are achieved,” mentioned Dmitry Shchekin.

Дата новости:  07/10/2018

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