Company management

Dmitry L. Zverev General Director,
General Designer
Vitaly V. Petrunin First Deputy
General Director,
First Deputy General Designer
Sergey M. Neyevin Deputy General Director,
Deputy General Designer
for the State Defense Order
Evgeny A. Naumov Deputy General
Director, Executive Director
Alexandr V. Popov Deputy Director
for Production and
Packaged Delivery
Aleksey V. Vasyaev Deputy General Director,
Deputy General Designer.
Head of the Responsibility
Center for the BN-1200 Project
Ilya V. Netronin Deputy General Director
for Operating Efficiency
Dmitry V. Aleksandrov Deputy General
Director for Finance
and Economics
Evgeny A. Malyshev Deputy General
Director for Marketing,
Procurement and Logistics
Sergey V. Babushkin Chief Designer
of Centrifugal Machines
and Valves
Igor A. Bylov Management Representative
for Quality, Head of  
Quality Assurance Service
Sergey A. Dushev Chief Designer
of Fuel Handling Equipment
Mikhail A. Kamnev Head of the Research
and Testing Complex
Igor V. Marov Chief Designer of Production,
High-Temperature and
Research Reactor Plants
Elena N. Nuzhina Chief Accountant
Aleksandr I. Romanov Chief Designer
of Reactor Cores
Vladimir M. Rulev Chief Inspector
Yury P. Fadeyev Chief Designer
of Pressurized Water
Reactor Plants (VVER)
Sergey F. Shepelev Chief Designer
of Fast Reactor Plants