Quality management system

In conformity with the requirements in ISO 9001:2015,  OKBM Afrikantov JSC has established, documented, implemented, and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS).

The main purpose of the QMS is to ensure that interconnected processes and procedures of the QMS effectively function to achieve the high level of quality in the created products and to deeply satisfy the Customer.

The Quality Management Systems covers all lifecycle stages of the OKBM Afrikantov JSC products—starting from product development and up to product disposal—as well as all the Company’s departments involved in product creating, delivering, and post-delivery activities.

Safety, reliability, and long service life of created products are the topmost priority for the OKBM Afrikantov JSC QMS.

For the first time, the Company was certified by the TÜV CERT international certification body, Germany, in 2001. In conformity with the certification procedures, the certification body conducts annual monitoring audits. Re-certification audits are conducted every three years.

The scheduled certification audit was conducted in November, 2017, by representatives of LLC “Intercertifika-TÜV Affiliated with TÜV Thüringen”, Moscow, accredited as part of the TÜV Thüringen e. V. certification body (certification trademark—“TIC”—TÜV International Certification).

On the basis of certification, OKBM Afrikantov JSC was issued a certificate of conformity of its Quality Management System with the requirements in ISO 9001:2015.

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The Quality Management System functioning is based on the following documentation:

  • Quality  Policy
  • Quality Objectives

  • Quality Manual

  • Process Charts

  • QMS and Record Organization Standards

  • Laws of the Russian Federation, technical regulations, norms and rules in the sphere of safety regulation, international, national, industry standards, quality assurance programs (QAP) for nuclear facilities, etc.

    The QMS is maintained in operable condition through internal audits.

    The Company has established inspection procedures required to confirm that the product characteristics meet the established requirements at all stages of the life cycle. If necessary, certification and acceptance of products are conducted. Continuous monitoring of QMS processes is performed.

    At planned intervals, the Quality Management System of OKBM Afrikantov JSC is analyzed at various levels of the Company. The result of the analysis is an assessment of the actual state of the QMS, its compliance with the requirements in ISO 9001:2015, development of measures to improve the QMS performance.