Certification services

JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” has its own Testing Center that conducts testing for certification purposes.

The OKBM Testing Center is accredited by the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM (Accreditation Certificate No. ОИАЭ.RU.008(ИЦ) valid through June 22, 2020), the Federal Service for Accreditation, (Accreditation Certificate No. RA.RU.21АФ03 dated November 24, 2016) and examined by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Certificate of Recognition No. 17.00857.110 valid through November 23, 2022).

The area of accreditation includes:

  • Pumps for nuclear plants and radiochemical production (including their components).

  • Mechanical seals of rotating shafts of machines and apparatuses.

  • Special valves (piping valves, their components).

  • Pump equipment with dynamic pumps (centrifugal, diagonal, axial, friction, combined) of general industrial purpose.

  • Metal products of industrial purpose.

  • Welded joints inspection (radiography, ultrasonic flaw detection, acoustic emission, dye-penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, positive material identification, hardness measurement, mechanical testing, metallography) for vessel, heat-exchanging, and other equipment.

  • Inspection of chemical composition and mechanical properties of materials.

  • Determination of vibration and noise characteristics.

    The area of accreditation in the national accreditation system includes:

  • Pump equipment with dynamic pumps (centrifugal, diagonal, axial, friction, combined).

    The area of recognition by the Maritime Register includes:

  • mechanical, thermal-technical and climatic measurements, and testing of structural material specimens (pipes, pipe connections, chains, vessels and apparatus casings, etc.);

  • physical and chemical measurements and testing (chemical composition determination, metallographic and intergranular corrosion testing, ferrite phase determination) of structural materials (steels, titanium alloys, copper and copper alloys, nickel-based alloys);

  • nondestructive, vibration-acoustic, thermal-technical, climatic measurements, and testing of structural elements of CRDMs, drives, pumps, heat-exchange equipment, steam generators, valves, pipes and pipe connections, vessels and apparatus casings).

    The OKBM Testing Center cooperates with certification bodies:

  • in the sphere of nuclear engineering;

  • in the sphere of general engineering.

    Please send your queries and requests to the address: 603074, 15 Burnakovsky proezd, Nizhny Novgorod, to the Head of the OKBM Testing Center

    Fax (831) 241-87-72. E-mail: okbm@okbm.nnov.ru, ок@okbm.nnov.ru.

    Contact numbers:

    Mikhail A. Kamnev, Head of the OKBM Testing Center, phone (831) 275-25-73

    Viacheslav A. Shishkin, Deputy Head of the OKBM Testing Center, phone (831) 246-96-48

    Maksim A. Antonenkov, Accreditation Engineer, phone (831)246-95-54 E-mail: antonenkov@okbm.nnov.ru