Pumping and Thermal-Mechanical Equipment for NPPs and Gas-Petrochemical Industry

JSC "Afrikantov OKBM" has many years of experience in creating the following types of nuclear power equipment:

  • circulating pumps of various types and applications;

  • heat-exchangers and steam generators;

  • pipeline valves;

  • ventilation equipment;  

  • mechanisms for reactor control and protection systems;

  • vessel structures and high-pressure vessels;

  • mechanisms for reactors’ reloading, their repair and maintenance during operation, etc.

The equipment, created in JSC "OKBM Afrikantov", has high safety and reliability indicators with minimal costs for operation. Thus, the main equipment of power plants of nuclear icebreakers (main circulating pumps, primary circuit fittings, CPS mechanisms, steam generators) with an assigned resource of 60 thousand hours has an operating time of more than 180,000 hours and continues to be operated.

JSC "Afrikantov OKBM" provided the delivery of all equipment of the RU BN-800, a significant part of which was manufactured at the enterprise itself.

The enterprise is a complete supplier of ship reactor equipment for the Navy, the first floating nuclear heat power plant KLT-40C, supplies thermal mechanical equipment to nuclear power plants that are in operation and are being built in Russia and abroad.


   In 2002-2008, OKBM manufactured and delivered a set of equipment for the Chinese experimental fast neutron reactor CEFR.

For Tianwan NPP (China) 152 units of pumping equipment were delivered, for Kudankulam NPP (India) - 37 pumps.

Booster pumps BN 3800-20 were delivered to Balakovo, Volgodonsk, Kalinin and Novovoronezh NPPs. The second power unit of Rostov NPP is supplied with modernized pumping units for emergency and planned cooling and ventilation equipment.

JSC "Afrikantov OKBM" performs a large amount of work to implement programs to create a unified pump and ventilation equipment for nuclear power plants, to modernize the thermal mechanical equipment of the existing units of Russia's nuclear power plants and to create import substitution equipment for NPPs under construction.

Using the experience gained in the nuclear industry, JSC Afrikantov OKBM successfully solves the problems of adapting its traditional products to the needs of various sectors of the national economy, including oil and gas and chemical complexes. 

To this end, the company developed a parametric series of hermetic electric pumps for pumping various explosive and flammable media (hydrocarbons, liquefied gases, gasoline, phenol, oils, etc.).

LEG 170-190-03-001.png

In 2019, two ENK 268/205 cryogenic electric pumps and one ENK 40/400 electric pump were delivered for the fourth line of Arctic Cascade (Yamal LNG) LNG production plant.

ENK 40/400                                                                      ENK 268/205                                    

The proposed pumps ensure high operating performance: the assigned lifetime without any disassembly or repairs is 40,000 hours, the service life is over 20 years.

A number of sizes of high pressure fittings have been developed. The valves produced by OKBM Afrikantov are successfully used as part of chemical plants that produce carbamide.

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