Nuclear Fuel Handling Equipment (Refueling Complexes)

Power equipment.

Equipment for nuclear energy and other branches of the national economy.

The equipment developed in JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” possesses high safety and reliability at minimum operating costs. The enterprise is the complete supplier of equipment for BN-800 reactor plants, reactor plants for the Navy ships and the first floating NPP. It also supplies thermal-mechanical equipment for NPPs under construction and in operation in Russia and abroad.

JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” performs an immense scope of work to develop a unified pump and ventilation equipment for NPPs, to upgrade thermal–mechanical equipment for currently operating NPP power units, as well as to develop import-substituting equipment for NPPs under construction.

JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” cooperates with Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation in creation of a canned pump, intended for fueling “Proton” rockets at the “Baikonur” space launch complex.

The enterprise has many-years experience in development and manufacturing of the following equipment:

  • circulating pumps of various types and applications;

  • heat-exchangers and steam generators;

  • pipeline valves;

  • ventilation equipment;  

  • mechanisms for reactor control and protection systems;

  • vessel structures and high-pressure vessels;

  • mechanisms for reactors’ reloading, their repair and maintenance during operation, etc.

The test facilities of JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” enable to perform full-scale testing of all types of the developed equipment, and the production facilities provide manufacturing and delivery of the equipment to the customer on a “turnkey” basis.

Nuclear Fuel Handling Equipment, Reactor Plant Control, Protection and Repair Equipment.

From the 1960s, OKBM has been developing, manufacturing and delivering various types of nuclear fuel handling equipment.

In addition to refueling, the equipment is intended for the use during repairs of the marine and naval reactors, fast neutron reactors (including the devices used to replace and repair pumps, heat exchangers, CRDMs, fuel transfer mechanisms, elevators, etc.) and reactors in nuclear co-generation plants.

Transshipment complex for PES_2.png

For the naval reactor plants, sets of refueling equipment have been developed, manufactured and delivered that seal, unseal anddismount reactor pressure vessel heads, discharge the nuclear fuel, charge fresh nuclear fuel and perform other process operations. To optimize fuel handling for the KLT-40 marine reactors, special devices have been developed and delivered that ensure compact stowage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel.

The refueling complex performs the entire scope of fuel handling activities in the course of operation of multipurpose nuclear icebreakers — from opening the reactor, discharging spent fuel assemblies and up to inserting new fuel assemblies into the reactor core, installing reactor equipment and enabling the first criticality. 

JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” is a designer and a manufacturer of first core loading equipment and of a refueling complex intended for the RITM-200 reactor. The first core loading equipment ensures that the entire scope of activities is done to load the RITM-200 reactor core comprised of an array of fuel assemblies.

The nuclear fuel handling equipment ensures a high level of safety when nuclear-hazardous fuel handling operations are being performed with fuel assemblies and with reactivity control equipment.

The refueling machine designs incorporate patented engineering solutions and certified equipment:

  • highly reliable RCCA grip;

  • jack-type unseating mechanism;

  • two-cable lifting system for the main mast;

  • TV-cable winding system;

  • seismic lockup devices with damper assemblies;

  •  additional (emergency) braking devices.

Слой 175.png

Refueling machine in the test facility at JSC “Afrikantov OKBM”

For the VVER reactors, the following has been developed, manufactured and delivered:

  • Main masts for:
    - Kalinin-1;
    - Novovoronezh-5.

  • TV masts for:
    - Rostov-2;
    - Kalinin-4;
    - Rostov-3, -4.

  • Refueling machines for:
    - Rostov-2, -3 and -4;
    - Kalinin-4;
    - Leningrad II-1 and -2;
    - Baltic-1 and -2;
    - Belarusian-1.

Work is in progress on a refueling machine for Belarusian-2.

Fuel Handling Equipment for Fast Neutron Power Reactors

For the power unit with the BN-800 reactor, a set of Control Rod Drive Mechanisms (CRDMs) is developed and manufactured and a set of equipment (more than 100 items) for handling reactor core subassemblies all along their transfer route within the nuclear power station — from arriving at the fresh fuel storage facility and up to dispatching the spent fuel subassemblies to the fuel reprocessing facility or to the solid waste repository.

Our company, as a rule, delivers the fuel handling equipment complete with the developed and manufactured automatic instrumentation and control systems.

JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” has many years of experience in the CRDM development, manufacture, testing and in follow-on activities on operation of CRDMs for all types of developed reactors, including passive emergency protection equipment.


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