Naval Reactor Plants

All nuclear reactors for the operating nuclear-powered submarines and surface ships of the Russian Navy have been developed by JSC “Afrikantov OKBM”.



From 1954, the Company took part in the development of a nuclear reactor for the first nuclear-powered submarine and its land-based prototype. In the early 1960s, advanced reactors for Generation II nuclear-powered submarines were developed. According to these designs, nearly 270 reactors have been manufactured and operated.

During the 1970s–1980s, nearly 60 unified reactors for Generation 3 nuclear submarines were manufactured. To this day, most of them are still in operation to constitute the backbone of the Russian Navy strike forces.

In the 1970s, the most powerful reactor plant was developed for heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers.

The naval reactor plant technologies developed in Russia pertain to global-level achievements.

Presently, a complete delivery of reactor plants for the Generation IV Borey-A-class and Yasen-M-class nuclear-powered submarines is in progress; the reactor plants of Generation III nuclear-powered submarines are being upgraded; corporate maintenance is being provided for operating facilities. псоп.png


The R&D work is being done at an increasingly growing rate for the new-generation naval reactor plants in order to ensure the strategic competitive ability for the reactor plants.




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